Social Life in Australia

Australians are always said to hold great pride in preserving their heritage. Australia was a country that was occupied by convicts and labor-class formerly.

It has totally carved a niche for itself among the world class of modern societies which is said to be the major honor and pride of Australia.

The Australians are often distinguished by their “Laid-back” attitude. Australians have always been known for their sense of humor that consists of irony and sarcasm.

They greet their friends with a “Hi” or “G’Day” that abbreviates for “Good Day”.

They most often perform a handshake and then greet the person. Drinking and gambling are the two major aspects of the social life in Australia.

Beer is the widely drunk beverage in this country while they are also in the major league of wine producing after the World War II.

The elder people of this country mostly visit the pubs while the younger people are seen mostly in restaurants or in some stylish bars.