Holidays and Customs in Australia

Habitually, the workers who work in private and public were given the right to take a public day off along with the receipt of regular pay.

During the recent times, this old tradition has been changed to some extent. These days, Businesses that are open during a public holiday may need the employees to work on that particular day.

During the traditional days, the workers were paid at a penalty rate, normally 1½ or 2 times the regular pay, however the this particular entitlement to receive penalty rates have been reduced in some places and have also been eradicated and abolished in most places.

All the states in Australia will have their own public holidays besides the national public holidays, while in some states the public holidays are offered on a local basis such as the Melbourne Cup Day.

New Year’s Day, Australia Day, Labour Day, Good Friday, Canberra Day are some of the public holidays in Australia.