Culture Shock in Australia

Culture shock is nothing but the nervousness, frustrated feeling, separation and annoyance that might occur when someone moves to a place that has a different culture.

The most regular causes of culture shock occur during the individuals visiting a foreign country.

Actually there is no way to avoid culture shock completely as the individuals present in any kind of society are individually influenced by the cultural contrast in a different manner.

Culture shock is considered to be a subdivision of more universal concept and theory known as “Transition shock.”

If you are new migrant to visit Australia, you might experience some sort of culture shock. Even psychologists have described 5 different phases of culture shock that you might experience in Australia.

The following are those 5 distinct phases.

  • Tourist or honeymoon phase
  • Emptiness or rejection phase
  • Emptiness or rejection phase
  • Assimilation phase or complete adjustment
  • Reverse shock