Cost of Living in Australia

Australia is said to be one among the countries that has highest standards of living in the whole world.

It provides a great climatic condition, a special and astounding environment and also a good developed society. This country is considered to have the third lowest cost of living in the developed nations in the world.

Five mainland capital cities of Australia have been awarded in the top 11 liveable cities in the world. The lifestyle of Australia creates a centre of attention amongst people from various places in the world.

The people of Australia would always love to eat in the restaurants and other eateries present across the country wherein a typical restaurant meal is said to be around $60 for a single person.

The starter is around $9 to $15 and the main course is around $30 to $40. Visiting a pub is another favourite past time of the Australians, wherein you can buy a schooner of beer for $5 to $6.