Australia Tertiary Education System

Tertiary schools start to operate in the month of February and close by November. The High School Certificate has different requirements and it largely depends on the state in Australia wherein the students pursue their schooling. Every state has its own set of requirements and is being administered by the education authorities of that particular state.

To get the certificate, every single subject taken in Australian schools is taken into account to conclude on the Tertiary Entrance Rank of the student. The tertiary schooling system is shaped and structured according to the maximum marks obtained by the student individually.

Most of the universities adhere to this system to abide by the legislated policies. 5% of the students obtain highest distinction grades while 50% are bound to receive basic passing grade. As for individual students who fail, their grades are not measured since there is no usage of grade point averages in the tertiary level of education in Australia.

Another level of institutions present in Australia is the TAFE Institutes. These are nothing but college level edifying systems that offer apprenticeship agenda to the students to enable them to get trained to work in the workplace in a much easier manner. A recent study says that individuals in Australia involving the age group between 25 and 64 have received vocational educational qualifications.

This particular vocational training along with the regular training provided in Australian schools has made the country to become a popular destination amongst the international students who come here to pursue their higher education.