Tourism and Travelling in Australia

Tourism is said to play a key role in the economy of Australia. During the year 2009/2010, this particular industry is said to have signified 2.6% of the GDP of Australia by contributing approximately A$34 billion to the economy of the nation.

Domestic tourism is considered to be an important part of this industry and was accountable for 73& of the total direct tourism GDP. During the year 2010, the number of international visitors who had visited Australia is calculated to over 5.9 million. Despite of global economic suffering, the rate of arrival of international visitors to Australia is said to have increased by 5%.

The tourism industry made around A$94 billion during that year end. This industry is said to employ more than 500,000 individuals present in the nation. The competitiveness of the nation’s world ranking in tourism is said to have decreased to the 13th in the year 2011.