Multiculturism of Australia

There is a special cultural rank for multiculturalism in Australia. Special Broadcasting Service and other similar policies were established. The White Australian Policy was taken apart after the end of World War II and various changes were made to the immigration policy of the nation.

Full political preface of official policies of multiculturalism came out during the year 1972. If the top ten religions of the country are counted, they are said to report for less than 63% of the total population of the nation.

One fifth of the total population is said to have born overseas, in accordance to the census. In other words, 50% of the total population is either born overseas or had parents born overseas.

The immigration level to Australia is said to have grown over the time period. Overseas immigrants to Australia were calculated to be 118,000 during the year 2003-04. The count rose to 123,424 during the financial year 2004-05.