Australia Location

Australia is situated between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean. This country is present in the southern hemisphere and comprises of Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and several other small islands present in the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

It is considered to be the world’s 6th largest country in accordance to the total area. Some of the neighboring countries of Australia are East Timor, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea to the north, New Zealand to the south-east and Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, and New Caledonia to the north-east.

This country is said to be slightly small in size than USA and has a total area of 7,686, 850 sq km. New South Wales 801,600 sq km], Queensland [1,727,200 sq km], South Australia [984,000sq km], Western Australia [2,525,500 sq km] and Victoria [227,600 sq km] are the five mainland states of Australia.