History of Australia

History of Australia goes back to the period of aboriginal Australians, who were believed to have first occupied the mainland of Australia through the means of boat along 40,000 to 60,000 years ago. They are said to have found the longest surviving imaginative, spiritual and musical traditions which are prevalent among most countries now.

William Janszoon, Dutch navigator landed in the year 1606 in Australia. European explorers continued to explore the place until James Cook graphed the East coast of Australia for Britain in the year 1770. British ships disembarked at Sydney in the year 1788 and established a penal colony there.

Britain went on to establish more such colonies all around the country which was then followed by European explorers during the 19th century. Conflict rose during the rule of British colonists which along with the introduction of several diseases lead to weaken the native Australia throughout that particular time period.