Australian Food

As said before, Australian cuisine is said to refer the Commonwealth of Australian cuisine and its earlier native societies.

They were the first people to occupy Australian lands for a period of 40,000 to 60,000 years and they developed a special hunter gathered diet called the “bush tucker” which is said to be obtained from the flora and fauna of the country such as Kangaroo.

Seafood has also been a prominent food variety since Australia has long coastline. British and Irish influenced the tastes of Australia when they ruled them during the years 1788 to 1900.

Sheep, wheat, beef cattle were the staple food products that were included in the diet during those days and it still continues to remain the same, these days too.

After the end of the war, Australian cuisine became diverse in nature due to the multicultural immigration program. During the 21st century Australian cuisine seemed to show influences of globalization.