Fast Facts in Australia

  • Australia is said to be one among the countries that possess more urban concentration.

  • This country is also said to have the lowest density of population in the entire world, despite having urban intensity.

  • The Parliament House located in Canberra is considered to be one among the largest buildings in the southern hemisphere.

  • Melbourne is said to possess the largest public transport system in the world of today.

  • Australia had won around 58 medals during the Olympic Games in the year 2000, which was held in Sydney.

  • An average family in this country is said to have 1.65 children.

  • Average number of persons in a house was 3.31in the year 1971 and this number has gone down to 2.6 in the year 2006.

  • Every single person in a count of four is said to be a settler of the first or second generation which became a trend after the end of World War II.