Australia Country Overview

Australia is considered to be a very stable country which is diverse in its culture. It has a democratic society with talented and proficient workforce and also possesses good economy. It is said to consist of a population of over 21million people. It is the only country to administer a continent. It is said to be the biggest island in the world and the 6th largest nation in the world land wise. It consists of 10% of the biodiversity of the world and a huge number of animals, plants and birds are present in Australia which can never be seen anywhere else in the world.

The quality of life in Australia is pretty high when compared to any other nation in the world. The dirt free physical surrounding, education, health services and lifestyle together unite to craft this country to be a very beautiful place to live. The multiculturalism and native traditions are very much reproduced on the diverse cultures and types of artistic talent within the nation.

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